Bravo Line

Bravo Line is a range of 5-piece DLV doors in popular woodgrain patterns, plus white with glaze.


Bravo doors are suitable for a wide range of applications including kitchens, closets, and custom furniture. Matching woodgrain melamine panels are widely available in the market.


Bravo doors are offered in two door designs: miter, and shaker with flat panel. Miter designs include accent glaze standard. Shaker doors are unglazed.


Valen factory-installs a range of glass and ecoresin center panel options for added convenience. Matching crown moldings and other accessory trims are in stock.


Bravo Line doors share the same construction details with all Valen 5-piece DLV doors. Precision corner joints feature fully concealed 8 mm dowel joinery. Valen door frame profiles are wrapped using a permanent chemical bond adhesive, and are not subject to the possibility of heat-related delamination. For added realism, Valen shaker doors feature end-grain edgebanding on the ends of door frame components.


Lead-time for custom dimension Bravo doors is normally 5-days or less. Note, white with glaze is not offered in shaker design. Tempo Line is a range of 5-piece DLV doors to cover the basic solid color requirement for kitchens, closets, and custom furniture at a very competitive price.

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