Valenbox is a complete modular all-wood drawer organization system designed for use in kitchen drawers. The system is expressly designed for the custom inside drawer widths of the U.S. cabinet industry by Valen. The trays and accessories are constructed of high quality European beech hardwood assembled with dowel joinery.


Valenbox is easy to install because it is modular. Simply add standard width trays together then seal any remaining gaps with the included side trims. Valenbox can be set in place at the factory, by kitchen installers, or even by consumers.


Valenbox includes storage solutions for upper and for lower drawers in a kitchen.


Valenbox trays may be accessorized with knife holders, cutting boards, spice jar holders, plate racks, and more. The matching Valenbox movable post and base accessory is designed for lower pots and pans drawers, completing the offering.


Valen Privacy Box stores valuables and privacy items conveniently in all types of drawers. This painted steel unit has a low profile and is suitable for kitchen drawers, business desks, and home office drawers. The Privacy Box fits perfectly inside double-width Valenbox accessory bays. Entry is by personal code on the keypad. In the event the internal battery fails, the keypad may be re-powered with an external D-cell battery.