Sales Terms

Order Forms



All orders must be submitted in writing on a Valendrawers paper or electronic order form or an approved customer order form. Order acknowledgments are returned by fax, or e-mail within 24 hours. Acknowledgements are sent to confirm that the order has been entered in our system according to customer expectation. It is extremely important that confirmations be checked immediately on receipt. Valendrawers must be notified immediately of any errors found. If you have not received an acknowledgment within 24 hours after sending your order, please contact Valendrawers Customer Service. Orders that have been submitted to Valendrawers more than once will be the responsibility of the customer.





In some cases it is possible to cancel orders that have been placed. Change or cancellation requests are not granted if the product has been entered in the computer system. Order changes or modifications may also lengthen lead times. Order change fees may be applied. The fee applied will vary and will depend on the status of the order.



Defective Product Policies


Contact Valendrawers Customer Service within five working days after receipt of a shipment if you receive any damaged or defective products. Claims must be in writing and include the original order or invoice number, and a list of defects or errors.


Valendrawers will ship replacements or missing items as soon as possible after the receipt of a claim and an RGA is issued. We may require the return of product for inspection prior to production of replacements. Returned merchandise must be shipped with secure and protective packaging materials to prevent shipping damage.


We reserve the right to ship replacements at regular price until an investigation is complete. Any credits issued are against the original order. Non-defective items and custom-made items are not returnable.



Freight Damage Claims


Valendrawers is not responsible for damage during transit. In all situations, if a shipment contains a damaged buy package or skid, the freight bill upon arrival of the freight must be marked “Damaged” or “Subjectto Inspection”.The receiver and the delivery driver must sign the delivery document. If the freight bill does not contain a notation of damage and the signatures, the freight carrier may not honor the claim. In all cases, motor carrier or UPS, if you suspect damage may have occurred, carefully document your initial inspection of the product, in writing and with photographs including time stamps. Retain the damaged product and packaging materials for inspection by the carrier. File claims for damage by common carriers with the carrier. Report claims for damage by UPS to Valendrawers Customer Service, which will file the claim with UPS and will receive any reimbursement.


Valendrawers takes care in the design and application of its packaging solutions. Experience has shown that most claims result from mishandling of materials by the carrier. Please follow the above steps for claims or replacement parts for materials damaged in transit will not go into production. The processing of replacement orders due to carrier damage is according to the customer’s normal payment terms.





Valendrawers warrants our products to be reasonably free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year. When properly handled, our products will conform, within reasonable tolerances, to applicable specifications. This warranty applies only when products have been handled, stored, and installed correctly. Valendrawers will not be responsible or liable for any indirect, consequential, transportation, or incidental damages or costs sustained by the user. This includes cost of materials, labor, travel, installation,orotherrelatedexpenses.Valendrawers’warranty is limited to the value of the original materials purchased and the price paid for the materials. Natural characteristics in wood products that fall within Valendrawers specifications will not be considered defects. Valendrawers will not be liable for damages to products caused by improper handling or installation. Our products are not warranted against expansion due to moisture or high humidity. Valendrawers expressly disclaims any and all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including all warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.


Warning: Many plywood, particleboard, and other building products contain Urea-Formaldehyde resins. Formaldehyde can cause health problems and can cause irritation to the eyes and upper respiratory system especially to susceptible persons with allergies or respiratory ailments. Use with adequate ventilation. If symptoms develop, consult your physician.