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Aluminum Line

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Alu Line is a series of 5-piece DLV doors with aluminum color surface foils. Alu line doors are popular in office furniture, kitchens, and custom furniture.

Alu line doors provide the look of real metal frame doors and drawer fronts at a fraction of the price.

Door construction is aluminum color surface foil wrapped over MDF substrate. Doors are constructed with miter joinery and fully concealed wood dowels. Center panels are typically frosted glass, installed by Valen. Other center panel options are possible depending on the door model, including various types of decorative glass and ecoresin panels.

Decorative handles and knobs may be easily installed into the face of the doors, as in other wood doors.

Alu line doors accept standard wood door hinges. Montana accepts 35 mm cup hinges.

Lead time for custom dimension doors is 5-days or less.